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Offroadcentrum is an active business in the industry of motocross, enduro and off road bikes or dirt bikes.

Since 2006 we have been located in Vaassen and have grown into a modern and dynamic business that deals with second hand parts and motorcycles.

We are not a messy demolition firm. Our parts are resourced neatly and organised in a warehouse of 400sqm in the industrial Eekterveld

Purchase and sales of used parts from off-road, enduro and all-road as well as complete used motorcycles is our main activity, and anything else related to it.

You can contact us for used parts. New parts are also attainable, just order with us and we can deliver!

Parts are sent daily through parcel. Mail orders are possible in the Netherlands, as well as Belgium and Germany. Other countries are on request.

Purchasing of your enduro and off-road motorbike is easy and quick and can be arranged on the spot with an RDW (Department of Road Transport/Ministry of Transport) as our company is officially registered at the RDW.

Trade parts and engines are negotiable for purchase.

We are available to contact via email, phone and whatsapp. 

Sportive greetings, Leo